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COVID-19 Update – May 1st

To all Residents and their Families,

I would like to start by thanking you for participating in all of the measures we have been taking and helping us to prevent COVID-19 from entering our Villages. These are uncharted waters, our staff are working tirelessly to keep your families safe and their effort is commendable. Our efforts are working and to date we have had no resident cases of COVID-19 in any of our Villages.

With mother’s day approaching, we have many families inquiring what could be done for their loved one. Since Easter, we had been advised by the Provincial Health Officer to not accept any gifts, or deliveries of any non-essential items from outside of our Village, including flowers, as each item that comes into our building from an outside source introduces risk.

We know that many families use gifts to show their care for a loved one, especially for those that live in distant communities. We have been working on new means to provide gifts in a safe way, in the past week we have built a new website that gives families a chance to send small, affordable, personalized gifts that their loved ones may value. These gifts have been screened by our clinical team to ensure they are safe. To guarantee a Mother’s Day delivery, all purchases through that website will need to be submitted by 3:00pm MST on Tuesday May 5th.

In addition, for those wishing to reach out to their loved one on this special day you may book one of our Village tablets for a virtual visit. Please contact your Village to arrange one of these visits in advance to guarantee your spot.

We do not take these measures easily, we know this may change your plans to deliver care packages for Mother’s Day, but for the health of all we must come together to keep COVID-19 out of our Villages.

Warm Regards,

Celeste Mullin
Vice President