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Resources for new graduates

Are you a new healthcare graduate looking to get your career started? Check out our list of helpful resources below to get you one step closer to living your best life — including the loan forgiveness program!

Temporary registration

Temporary emergency registration enables eligible individuals to register quickly on a short-term basis to assist with emergency health care response in British Columbia. BCCNM is currently granting temporary emergency registration to assist with COVID-19 pandemic efforts.

Nurse from another Canadian province/territory

Apply in this category if you are currently or previously registered in another Canadian jurisdiction or completed an education program in the other Canadian jurisdiction.

British Columbia graduates

The application process for graduates of a BCCNM-recognized practical nursing education program in British Columbia.

Loan forgiveness program

Recent graduates in select in-demand occupations can have their British Columbia student loans forgiven by agreeing to work at publicly funded facilities in underserved communities in British Columbia.  

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